Announcing Atlas – The Deloitte Digital Framework for Sitecore Development

Announcing Atlas – The Deloitte Digital Framework for Sitecore Development

Note – this is a cross-post of our announcement over on the Deloitte Digital blog. Keep an eye out for further posts here on my blog detailing the Atlas capabilities. 

Open source and an active development community are important ingredients for every software development ecosystem. They allow sharing of ideas and best practices, provide easily accessible support for developers and often result in better products.

Sitecore has been able to build a very active and supportive community around its experience management platform and today, the Deloitte Digital team is giving back to this community through the release of Atlas – our framework for Sitecore development – as open source.

Atlas is a lightweight collection of tools and common functionality that underpins all of our recent enterprise Sitecore implementations at Deloitte Digital and also forms the basis of our Deloitte Sitecore Platform. Read on for an overview of the functionality included in Atlas or check out our GitHub and NuGet pages for details.

Cleaner code

The Sitecore item to C# class mapping capability included in Atlas allows for the creation of simple yet extensible view models. Conventions keep the code clean and readable. A fluid field rendering syntax make views easy to read and maintain whilst ensuring full Sitecore Experience Editor support.

A more opinionated programming style

One of the key strengths of the Sitecore platform is its flexibility – but with flexibility comes complexity and especially on larger implementations with potentially geographically separate teams it is important to ensure consistency. Atlas provides a restrictive yet easy and powerful implementation path for view renderings. This structured path ensures consistency in all content managed components and reduces room for mistakes.

Don’t repeat yourself

We found ourselves implementing the same types of features on every Sitecore implementation. Some of these core features are now part of Atlas. They include an implementation for dynamic placeholders (a dynamic page generation pattern where placeholders can be repeated on a page), multi-site enhancements (e.g. allowing to find data source locations dynamically or apply a workflow based on where in the solution the item was created) and a set of common extensions and helpers.


Atlas has been developed by the team at Deloitte Digital in Australia over the last couple of years under the name “Deloitte Sitecore Framework” and has been proven on a number of enterprise-grade Sitecore implementations. Today we are making it available as open source to everyone under the name “Atlas” on GitHub and as a NuGet package.

By releasing this framework as open source, we want to contribute back to the amazing Sitecore community and enable other teams outside of Deloitte Digital to use the tools we create and love.

For more, head over to our GitHub page or download the Atlas package from NuGet.

Are you using Atlas or want to contribute back? We would love to hear from you. You can reach the team through or create an issue or pull request against our GitHub repository.

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